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An open letter from Zalo Kabche (DW CEO) to passionate entrepreneurs ready to take a quantum leap in their business and life.

Hello stranger… 

(That’s one of my favorite lines from “Closer” the movie)

Nice to meet you, my name is Zalo, and if you are reading this I’d like to assume that you are a smart cookie, you have happy customers, and you are looking to scale your business, am I right? 


Now, I’ve put together here with my blood, sweat, and tears over 11,680+ hours (yes, I did the math) of learning, testing, and applying different marketing tactics and frameworks to find out with scientific precision what is the most simple and bulletproof way to convert total strangers into high paying clients (virtually hands-off), even after all the crazy changes in social media advertising in the last year…

I get it, you must be skeptical by now, there are all these gurus making claims like these… (Don’t worry I’m not those guys)

Let me show you, the proof is in the pudding 👇🏼

Here is one of our client’s results.

Before partnering with us he had been trying to get ads to work for his offer but it seemed like money was just being lit on fire as days went by and no clear path to take, to make it work.

Literally was trying every shiny new “tactic” to make things work, and all it was doing was pouring more gasoline into the fire. 

But the good news is that there is always a way to fix it 🙂 

You see, the problem is not usually the new “tactic” but is the process as a whole that determines the success of your campaigns, we must first understand the key elements needed in order to reverse engineer the right process that will produce the most efficient result. 

The 3 key elements we focus on are: “Audience Charting”, “Offer Scalability”, and “Traffic Trifecta”

I would say that the most important choice that will serve as the root of your marketing is knowing where in the Audience Chart your ideal clients sit. 

Those at the bottom left, are those within your audience that have never heard of the problem they have or the solution(s) to solve it, these are the worst to target, they have no awareness and no pressing pain to solve their problem and it takes too much time and money to educate them. 

Then those who have heard about the problem and solution(s), but since they haven’t tried to solve the problem they have, their pain level is not as high (decent audience, but not ideal to start)

The one audience you need to target with your messaging, offer, and pain points are those who have tried and failed to solve the problem you can help them with, you need to do the least amount of educating and they have the highest level of pain to solve their pressing problem, therefore these are going to be the ones who will show up for your calls and will be ready to pull the trigger faster. 

Secondly, is “Offer Scalability”, selling your product/service organically is not the same as selling to a cold audience using ads, and having an offer that converts is key to making your campaigns work like a well-oiled machine. 

The perfect offer is called “3D Offer”

Your offer must (be):

Definable – Be really specific on the result or outcome you are offering, in other words, general promises aren’t as effective. Ex. Instead of saying “We’ll get you more clients”, “Get 10 New Clients in 10 days”.

Demonstrable – You must be able to back up your claim with proof, otherwise if you are not congruent with your offer, people won’t believe you. Think of it as if you are going to trial, and you are a lawyer presenting the supporting evidence for your claims. 

Deposition the competition – Look around in your market and if your offer/messaging is just like everyone else, then that’s how you are going to be perceived (another one), you must find out what your competition is doing that your ideal client is not happy about, and use it inside your offer. 

For example, if you are a lead generation agency for MedSpas and all you offer is “Leads”, well you won’t get too far… 

What your ideal client really wants is appointments, if your offer guaranteed appointments for a fixed price then you look a lot more appealing to somebody who has tried a different agency and failed (your ideal client).

This can be applied in 167 different ways depending on your industry. 

Lastly, is “Traffic Trifecta” using a combination of data mining, direct response campaigns, and a content daisy-chain approach we make sure that we hit your ideal clients from all the right angles at the right times so they go from a total stranger to paying customer faster than you can say “show me the money”. 

Every piece feeds into each other, to create the perfect storm between direct response and brand awareness, “hacking” your customer journey to get them to paid customers faster than you could ever imagine. 

Only 20% of potential clients are ready to buy and what happens to the other 80%? Well, they need at least 5-12 touches in order to become clients, and if you don’t have a strategy for that, you are literally losing 80% of your potential revenue down the drain. 

As they say, success leaves clues and I’ve laid them out for you so you don’t have to go through all that time, money, and energy it took me to discover what really works TODAY. 

There’s a bunch of so-called “gurus” out there who just bought a course and are trying to get you to use outdated strategies, 

I’m not here to “convince” you of anything, in fact, this is certainly not for everyone. 

90% of the work is already done for you, although you still need to put the last 10% to make this work, you’ll have to dedicate at least an hour a day to make it work, you need to speak with your clients, learn frameworks, shoot a few videos and check-in with us, although most of it you only need to do once, BUT you will end up with a system that works virtually hands-free, I will personally make sure that you get to YOUR OWN version of success as fast as humanly possible because it is my mission. 

A few years back I heard a quote from Zig Ziglar:

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”

These words resonated with me deeply, and I’ve taken them as part of my identity, so your success is also my success. 

Ask yourself… 

How much longer can you hold up with your current client acquisition system until it gives out?

Posting on social media like there’s no tomorrow…

Reaching out to strangers and having awkward conversations…

Wearing 35 different hats and doing everything manually…

Riding the revenue rollercoaster every month…

Trying a new shiny method every week because nothing seems to work consistently…

Aren’t you sick and tired of having your ego knocked down over and over again trying to scale? 

You have a chance of ending all of that TODAY. 

If you got this far down, something in here has resonated with you. 

The real question is, are going to fall into the bad habit of not taking action and just letting this be another “information” and forget about it, or are you ready to make s#!t happen?

I’ve been in your shoes before and it definitely sucks, you feel like you are playing catch up every month, the excitement of working with clients is not the same as it used to be, because you are worried about everything else in your business. 

Some days you wake up and you don’t even want to look at your phone because is just another fire that needs to be put out. 

Let’s make it fun again!

I will go to battle with you and we can get sh!$ done the right way. 

If you are ready to put on your armor and find out how we can make your business fun again, just book a call below with me or my team. 

Don’t worry we don’t do any high-pressure sales or anything like that, we focus on giving value on our calls, we like to say our calls are transformational, NOT transactional. 

As I said before we don’t work with everyone, you must have happy clients already with results and have a B2B Offer (work with other businesses or business owners).

Typically our clients are making around 10k+/month but this is not a requirement. 

Click the button below to pick a time that best suits you and we can have a chat 🤟🏼

Talk soon,


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